Nitya is Ready to play Mothers Role

So many young actresses who are shining in the film is not willing to do the role of mother in the film. Even if any of them prefers to play the role, they will not be ready to play the mother of a college girl. When her contemporaries are scared to play the mother of a college girl the actress proved that she is definitely different from all of them and she is gearing up to play mother in her next Telugu Project .

The new film will be directed by Kranti Kumar of ‘Onamally’ Fame. Tejaswi Madivada of’ Ice cream’ fame is going to act as Nitya’s college going daughter in the film.

Nitya says that she has accepted the role at the moment she heard the script. She also added that she thinks that no actress might not received like this opportunity.

Actor Sarvananth is playing the lead in the film. According to reports, he will be playing the role of a sports star. This would be the second film in which the both of them teaming up. Earlier they have teamed up for the film ‘Emitho Ee Maya’. The first film has not yet got released.