Nithya Menon Is Contemptuous Towards Super Stars

Controversies are nothing new to Nithya Menon. As she stands firm on her opinions, she has been into many controversies from the very beginning of her career in the cinema. She has now made another statement which may drag her to big trouble. She has stated that she is not ready to be acting with senior stars. In almost all the languages these senior stars are the super stars, Hence, her intention is very clear.
She explains that her chemistry does not work out while acting with senior stars. She says that when she watches her movies where she has acted with senior stars and feels self contempt and ask to herself why she had to agree for that role. In a movie the chemistry between the hero and the heroine is very important. And, she does not believe that the movie will succeed only if she acts with front raw stars. To win the hearts of the viewers one has to act in different roles.
There fore she has refused to act in many such films. In her first Malayalam film, she had acted with Mohan Lal and Manoj K Jain and she had donned the heroine in the film AkaSagOpuram. It seems she has forgotten it!!