Nikki Is Busy

Only two films in Malayalam has got released of the actress Nikki Galrani. But she is busy. The actress who acted in films like 1983 and Om Shanti Osana has handful of films in Malayalam now.

The actress is now acting in Biju Menon , Aju Wargheese Starrer Vellimoonga. Nikki says that acting in films is quite interesting. K.P.S.C Laltiha also plays an important role in the film. Nikki says that she calls the K.P.S.C Lalita lovingly as Lalitha chechiamma.
Besides this she also acts in film ‘Enthoru Bhagyam’ directed by Sarath A. Haridasan. Unni Mukundan plays the central character in the film. Nikki says that this film gives importance to the heroine. She also clarified that this is not an usual romantic film but is a story with an intense exploration of love.