Nikhil Hiked His Salary to 70 lakhs?

Yes you heard it right. Hardly a small budgeted hero some time back, Nikhil is now shaking the production circuits with his demands. Post moderate hit ‘Swamy Ra Ra’, the young actor Nikhil has hiked up his price tag and is reportedly demanding Rs. 70 per film. The energetic star is pulling cards out of books to make his position stronger . Nikhil is slowly becoming a safe-side hero for the projects that are made with him. Though his films do not taste a bombarding success, they are getting the investment back for sure. It looks like just a small hit, not even a blockbuster, has given big confidence for the Happy Days actor, to quote such a hefty sum.

With all these happenings, Nikhil slowly concentrated on his lean-stick frame and is now well built with physic, such that he can do more action flicks.

Probably, he has forgotten duds like ‘Kalavar King’ he has delivered in the past, suggesting that he can’t guarantee a success on the strength of his own name since he hasn’t become a star material yet, so its too really for the energetic actor to put up such fancy demands and needs a good story to keep his flag flying. He may be a mini-hunk, but still Nikhil needs to develop a lot on acting front too as he looks more childish still”, a director quirked. He adds, “Six packs cannot be paid huge remunerations, only success-packs can get that for him

Apart from chasing away small producers who come up with novel ideas, the actor is trying to nip his new-found success in the bud. The Yuvatha star should realize his folly sooner than later and scale down his demand or he would be losing good offers and a budding career too.