Naiyandi-Movie-Review-Indiamovies Neyyandi is the 'come back' movie for Dhanush who had many flops inn the last year. Neyyandi is a comedy movie on the back drop of Kumbakonam ,which Dahnush makes jointly with director Sargunam. Dhanush as Chinna Vandu , the youngest among the three brothers . He is in love with Roja, acted by Nazria, who is on a vacation to her grand mother's house during the village festival time.First they had some bruises between them but ends up in love. Chinna Vandu had to convince his family especially keeping an eye on his brothers who has an eye on Roja. The first part of Nneyyandi is little bit dragging,with animated introductory scenes to show how unfortunate the elder brothers in marriage.But the second half is interesting with situational comedy scenes. But in Neyyandi the supsense element is lacking ,since the turnout comes predictable .The solace is offered by Sreeman and Sathyan and Sathyan is outstanding in giving away scenes of comedy. Dhanush did not have to take much strain to be faithful to his role.Since the expectation about this powerhouse performer is much big it has to be seen whether he lived up to that. For Nazriya it was nick name brother in Raja it is 'fraud".She is being called 'Aayalu' by dear and near in this movie.She gave a good performance in the movie. Another notable performance came from Soori who did well in his rural comedian role. Vamsi Krishna also did justice to his villain role. Naraine was normal in his father role.Pyramid Natarajan and Meera Krishnan did the role of the parents of the three brothers. Technical aspects of the movie is outstanding as the visuals by Velraj are extremely good.The songs are good as shot in Swiss locale. Ghibran had done good music in the background. To sum up Neyyandi is good in technical perfection but it has to be seen whether it lives up to the expectations out of Dhanush-Surgunam team