New Generation Heroes To Play Cop

Nowadays almost all the young generation actors are playing the role of police officer. Actors like Fahad Fazil, Asif Ali, Nivin Pauly is gearing up play the role of police officer. Fahad’s first film as cop would be’ One By Two’ directed by Aravind.

Fahad will be doing this role in the debut directors film. Asif Ali’s first film as cop is Driver On Duty. This would be a comical role. Actor Unni Mukundan has already appeared as police in film ‘Vikaramadityan’ this was Unni’s first cop role . The next news is that Nivin Pauly will play the role of Police in Abrid Shine ‘s upcoming new film. This police would be an action man.
Prithivraj is the one who has done so many roles as cop and was loved by the audience. He has proved his caliber in this type role in films like ‘Police’ and ‘Mumbai Police’. His next film as police officer would be ‘Tamar Padar’ which will get released by next month.
The audience has seen jayasurya as police in Positive and Robin hood. But it is the cop which he played In film ‘Namukku Parkan’ got highlighted.

It is in Meeshamadhavan Indrajith played his first role as police. Later on he went on to play similar roles in film like ‘Runway’, ‘Finger’, ‘Print’, ‘Police’, ‘Masala Republi’c. Actor Kunchacko Boban has not done the cop role so far. It is this police role has given Star position for actors like Mammootty and Suresh Gopi