Never had Friendship with M.G Sreekumar – Says Venugopal

Singer Venugopal was always ignored often in many places. Recently he said in an interview given to a prominent channel that many opportunities were sabotaged. He had lot lost many chances were lost due to the pressurization by the mafia like practices in the music industry. He also revealed that he did not share friendship with M.G Sreekumar ever. Besides the top singers in the Industry Yesudas and Jayachandran , as the second category singer there was a competition between him and MG Sreekumar , But they have never been great friends or in good terms. The singer revealed that there is a Mafia practice going on in the music field. Even though the mafia is small, but it is strong. Being a singer in the Industry he termed the period from 1994-1999 as a black period in the history of music in cinema.