Nenem Chinna Pillana

After a long gap, reputed producer and Dada Saheb Phalke award winner, Dr. D Rama Naidu has produced a Telugu movie. The movie is ‘Nenem Chinna Pillana’ and it has Rahul Ravindran of Andala Rakshashi fame and former Miss India Tanvi Vyas in the lead roles. This is a family entertainer which has been directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy. .

Swapna (Tanvi Vyas) belongs to an orthodox joint family and she is brought up in a very restrictive environment. Fed up with the restrictions, she convinces her dad and goes abroad for further studies. Freedom is what she wants. Total freedom. Her doting father, played by Suman, allows her to go, much against the wishes of the joint family .There, she encounters with Krish (Rahul Ravindran), who comes across as a carefree guy and who is so money minded that she wishes him off. Krish is the kind of guy who would do anything to earn five euros by running any kind of errand
Krish believes in living life on his own terms and this quality endears him to Swapna. Swapna’s definition of freedom lands her in Sweden and she meets her match there.

In Sweden,. It takes a long while for her to understand what the guy is up to and why he does what he does. He’s not the type who would sacrifice his freedom and do a job that deprives him of his liberty. She so much hates his nature but there’s something about him that draws her to him. Both of them spend some quality time and soon fall in love. Swapna returns to India for a family function for her fathers shashtipoorthi and brings Krish along with her. , the family has problems accepting her friend Krish. Swapna’s parents almost finalise an alliance for her when the ‘would have been’ father- -in- law drops a bomb saying that he saw Swapna buy a pregnancy testing kit once on a trip to Sweden. Swapan’s family is shaken by the revelation. In a turn of events, Krish literally gets kicked out of Swapna’s house. Krish also finds out a bitter truth about his life and this information upsets him. He sheds his playful lifesyle and starts working hard.

It’s not the end of life for Krish. He starts life afresh – not by getting involved with another girl but finding a family that he can call his own in Vizag. The villain in Swapna comes out when she hands over Rs 50 lakh hard cash to that family so that they can free Krish from their ‘stranglehold’. The cash is accepted and it is the beginning of a tale of woes for Krish, a youngster who values family ties.

Rahul Ravindran is the major highlight of this film. He looks good and does his role convincingly. Rahul showcases his funny side in the first half, and at the same time shows immense maturity during the climax.
The first half of the film is decent. Comedian L B Sriram brings in a few laughs with his butler English. The interval block and climax episode have been conceived well. Sarath Babu and Amani are ok.
No fights, no heroism, no double meaning dialogues, and no indecency except for a five-euro challenge that makes Swapna detest Krish’s attitude. The movie inculcates and underscores the importance of family ties and values and gets the message across without going overboard by making some character mouth boring dialogues. There’s some sentimental stuff but you don’t get put off with it. This is a movie for families – to stay together, to stick together and understand the value of relationships. Rahul Ravindran deserves appreciation for portraying his role in just the right manner. It is the kind of movie that doesn’t draw the masses into the theaters but is worth a watch.