Neha Mahajan to enter Malayalam films through ‘Chayam Poosiya Veedu’

Prominent Bollywood actress Neha Mahajan will be soon entering Malayalam films. she will debut in Malayalam films with the film Chayam Poosiya Veedu. Santhosh Babu Senan and Sathish Banu senan is jointly directing the film. The actress plays the main role in the film.

Neha Mahajan achieved world fame though her roles in the films like Midnight Children directed by Deepa Mehta for the story written by Salman Rushdie and Feast of Varanasi Directed by Rajan Patel.

In the Malayalam film the actress Neha will play the character named Vishaya. After reading the script the actress is thrilled to do the film. She also told that she is really excited and happy to become a part of the film.
The film will be produced under the banner of Fifth Element Films owned by Santhosh Babu Senan and Satheesh Babu Senan.