Neelakasam Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

This is directed by Samir Thahir with Dulkhar Salman and Sunny Waine in main roles.On seeing the movie, for a short while every body have a thought whether this movie is made for the youngsters.

This is the story of Kasim and his friend who travels from Kerala to Nagaland to see his girl friend.

At the time of new thoughts are flushing in to in Malayalam Cinema, this movie might have been directed by Sameer Thahir with a serious thinking ,to fill that gap.

The script of the movie is that of Hashir Muhammed.If the script was made a little bit better the movie too would have been better. The famous actress of Manipur Surja Bala is in the heroine role with Dulkhar. Tough the first half of the movie is interesting ,the second half disappoints.

Bengali actor Dhruthyman Chatterji, Joy Mathew, Shohaib Khan, K.T.C Abdulla, Ena Saha,Pala Ponnappa, Vanitha Krishnan, Madhubala Devi, Anikha are the other actors in the movie.

This film brings to notice that Samir Thahir has to travel a lot to become a good director.