Need Lot of preparations for Karnan: Says Prithivraj

Prithivraj is one of the actor who always wanted to do things with Perfection. He says that he does not make any compromises when it comes to the cinema. He also added that he will undergo lot of preparations and any type of hardship before he comes before the camera. To achieve this he will take any kind of pains and will give others also a bit of hardship. He also reveal that in order to achieve the perfection of his characters on screen he takes extra care and will do extra preparations like the director of the film. some people will call this as interference and will tag him as arrogant. But Prithivraj would like to see it as his artistic freedom. After playing the characters like JC Daniel and B.P Moideen who is the old generation heroes on screen Prithiv raj is gaining all appreciations of all generation viewers.