Nee Poo Mone Dinesa …. Lal Fans Fitting Reply for Pak Hackers

After the fitting reply given to Bilawal Bhutto and PPP Party of Pakistan on social networking site , Now Mohanlal Fans Has given an apt reply, to Pakistan,A Day after Mohanlal’s official website was hacked allegedly by Kashmir’s Pro Separatists. In reply to this hacking a group of Hackers from Kerala hacked the official Pakistani websites. Mohanlal’s official blog page ‘The’ has been hacked by a team known as Cyber Warriors and had posted several free Kashmir Slogans and Warned Indian Army about their activity in Kashmir.

This happened following The Team Cyber Warriers hacked the actors website and they said that the websites was into as a payback for hacking the actor’s website. They Kerala Hackers hacked Pakistan based websites, the official website of National University of Modern Languages, Lahore Campus (NUML) and Pakistan Electric Power Company ( PEPCO) etc. They have posted on the Pakistan official pages, with threatening messages similar to the Actor’s hit films. They also posted the Mohanlal’s Picture and his puch dialogue ‘Nee Poo Mone Dineshaa.. a dialogue by Induchoodan one of the character played by the actor.

Mohanlal’s website has been hacked last Wednesday when the Kashmir border tension exists. Mohanlal holds an honorary Lt Colonel rank in the Indian Territorial Army.”

It is reported that Mohanlal has filed a petition against the incident with the DGP and the cyber cell through an e-mail. But the fans could not keep quite after this and So they gave a fitting reply. The Pakistanis have not able to restore their websites yet.