Nayantara: Rs 2 Crore, But No Hug!

Nayanthara to act with her ex-flame Simbhu is known to every one by now and for that, she is charging him a huge thing, reportedly Nayan is taking a fee of Rupees two crore.But the latest is that the actress has refused to hug Simbhu in the proposed project and that’s her condition to the director.

Director Pandiraj, who was waiting for over seven years to rope in Simbhu and Nayan, has apparently shocked with Nayan’s condition. But it seems, he is going to consider it as he has no other option. Pandiraj has now planned to shoot love-making scenes between Nayan and Simbhu from December 5 and he is getting ready for it. Sources close to director reveal that he is going to convince Nayan on the sets that he will shoot them aesthetically.

Yet-to-be-titled, Simbhu himself is producing the film. This project has garnered great buzz even before the launch of the film. Let’s see how many wonders it create in days to come.