National Award for Siddhique Movie

It is true.. Just that not much people noticed it. The movie that bagged the National Award had the actor Siddhique in it. The thing is that the movie is not a malayalam one. The director of the movie is a Malayali. The Telungu movie ‘Na Bangaru Thalli’, that bagged the national award was the movie in which Siddique acted. The movie was directed by the Malayali Director Rajesh Tachrivar. The movie had got 2 other awards too for background music. The music director of the movie Shanthanu Moithri and the actress Anjali Patil got special jury awards. The movie was written by the famous social worker Sunitha Krishnan. Sunitha Krishnan is the spouse of the director. The Telungu movie ‘Naa Bangaru Thalli’ was produced in Malayalam too titled as ‘Ente’.