Nasseruddin Shah’s COFFIN MAKER to compete at INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION at IFFI GOA!! Nasseruddin Shah’s COFFIN MAKER, produced by Bharat & Ambika Vijan, Shree Narayan Studios, has trumped all competition and is selected to compete in the main section in the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION at IIFI GOA. Besides earlier too, it was selected in the Indian panaroma section at IFFI. COFFIN MAKER will compete with global films in the International competition section like A Place in Heaven by Yassi Madmony (Israel), Beatriz’s War by Bety Reis, Luigi Acquisto (East Timor-Australia), Brothers. The Final Confession by Victoria Trofimenko (Ukraine), Hush…Girls Don’t Scream by Pouran Derakhshandeh (Iran, In Hiding by Jan Kidawa-Blonski (Poland), My Sweet Pepper Land by Hiner Saleem (France-Germany-Iraq) Like Father, Like Son by Hirokazu Koreeda (Japan) etc. COFFIN MAKER is a life changing film that will resonate and connect globally with its theme. COFFIN MAKER exemplifies the genius and the exceptional talent of Nasseruddin as Anton Gomes, yet again. It’s a constant battle of wits between the two protagonists in a mental game that transports the inspirational film to a very different level. Ratna Pathak Shah plays Nasseruddin’s catholic wife Isabella that will surely charm the audience yet again. Besides the high concept content that attracted Nasseruddin every single character in the film is real as Ratna Pathak Shah, Amit Sial, Randeep Hooda, Benjamin Gilani, Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Shilpa Shukla have substantially contributed in the excellence of its execution, under the direction and vision of debutante Veena Bakshi. COFFIN MAKER is a life changing film. It represents cinema that inspires! Set against the authentic and seductive spirit of a Goan Village, Coffin Maker is a poignant tale about a reluctant Coffin Maker who learns about life from a very unusual and mysterious source. Producer Bharat & Ambika Vijan of Shree Narayan Studios are ecstatic since just a few week back COFFIN MAKER was selected to premiere at the prestigious RIVER TO RIVER FLORENCE festival, as well as in Rome. Says a visibly excited Bharat "I am truly overjoyed, since it has been a debut film for my studio, Shree Narayan Studios. And the content and the theme of the film are carrying it forward. Every member of the star cast are professional actors in their own right and have given their best performance for this film. Nassersaab is a true genius, and his acting prowess has been the force behind this wonderful film. My wife Ambika and I feel truly justified in backing this high concept content driven entertaining film. It has got a universal appeal, and though the setting is a reflection of Goa lifestyle, it is a reflection of life itself" THE COFFIN MAKER *ing NASEERUDDIN SHAH, AMIT SIAL, RATNA PATHAK SHAH, RANDEEP HOODA, SHILPA SHUKLA Written and Directed by VEENA BAKSHI Produced by BHARAT and AMBIKA VIJAN Cinematography by MAHESH ANEY Original Music by BAPI-TUTUL Editing by NIPPUN ASHOK GUPTA Sound Design by BISHWADEEP CHATTERJEE [gallery lightboxsize="full" num="12" pagenavi="5"]