“Nasha” Review

Nasha - Indiamovies Nasha a film by Amit Saxena, tells the story of 18 year old adolescent school boy Shahil ( Shivram Patil) who is obsessed with his new teacher (Poonam Pandy) falls hopelessly in love with her and cant think beyond her. You cant blame the boy for that because the teacher roams in the campus in mico – minis gives literal lessons in seduction. For a normal teenager Life is beautiful with flashy clothes, pretty girl friend, the summer vacations and his gang of friends who are up to trick or the other. The moment when shahil sees the teacher he not only falls for her charms but also starts dreaming and fantasizing about her day and night. Then enters her boyfriend Samuel who much to the chagrin of Poonam, begins to trouble Sahil. Samuel is actually the stories villain who breaks Poonam’s heart as she discovers his other affair and his bad habits. Sahil comes to support his heart broken teacher. But the teacher feels that she has to go away as the relation ship is immoral - but not before she has a steamy sex session with her student. The first half of the film , portrays Pandey as a sexual object in various dream sequences. The second deals with Saahil’s jealousy of Anita’s tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend. Eventually, what stays in the end , are the uncomfortable scenes of love making between the lead pair. Ms. Pandy needs to learn to use her facial expression to convey what she want to say. In most of the scenes she heaves her bosom heavily to show frustration or depression. Her anglicized hindi gets on your nerves after a point. But Shivaram is a better actor. He looks comfortable before the camera and seems promising. The music and the cinematography is okay.