Namitha Pramod Says that She is Ready to Change Her Styling Based on the Characters Requirement.

The young Actress Namita Pramod was the part of some good films which got released recently and she was highlighted for her roles. She is not hesitant to try out any new looks which suits or her project. She was spotted piercing her nose in Lal Jose’s Vikramadityan. Now she will be getting her hair curled for her upcoming film ‘Orma Undo ee Mugham’

The actress says that More than her face ,she take care of her Hair. Sometimes she irons her hair. But besides that She don’t do much experiments on her hair. But the director of the film insisted her to keep her curling. Initially she was hesitant but later agreed to it as the character of the film requires that styling. She also added that she joked the makers that she won’t have any hair left after 60 days of shoot if she keeps it curling regularly.

In the film Namitha would be playing the role of an artist whose look would be modern. The role in the film would be entirely different from her earlier role of Deepika Pai in Vikramadityan. Namita says that she play a different type of character in the film Orma Undo ee Mugham and hence the costumes and the ornaments will have an artistic touch.