Naan Sigappu Manithan

So do you have insomnia? Trouble getting a few winks of sleep? Watching this movie and walking out of the theatre, the director has made sure to rethink that. Banking on a lesser known disorder: ‘Narcolepsy’, an unstable sleeping condition, director Thiru mixes a lot of twists and turns in this cocktail to give a neat thriller in account. The joint production venture of UTV and VFF hits the screens today and looks to dazzle the heat.

The Movie:

Without taking much delay, the director gets to the point in showing who Vishal is. The film as a whole is about Indran(Vishal) who writes down 10 wishes and his means to overcome his sleeping condition to fulfill them. Trotting between flashbacks, the movie starts off with a normal guy who has a hard time in finding a job and gratifying his dreams owing to his condition. The first few sequences in general impress you quite well, with some intelligent depiction of the sleeping disorder.

To add the commercial aspect of the movie, Jegan’s mocking jokes at Vishal lights up the smiles. The desperate attempts to tackle the sleep moves you, making it as one of the weighing points of the movie. Enter Lakshmi Menon the daughter of a millionaire who takes a soft corner for Vishal and predictably they fall in love. Thiru needs a pat on the back for creating a love that is not so intense, however not the feathery type as well. The romance is not given the push and it just flows with the screenplay.

Thiru is known for his twists through the screenplay and he likes toying with the story, quite evident with Samar. NSM is no different with the second half taking quite a lot of topsy-turvy rides and leads to plenty of “Oohs” & “Aahs”. In the end as intended, it finishes of with revenge taking the driver’s seat.

Whats worth watching:

Vishal! The tall and dusky actor’s attempt at variety is welcomed and he is spot-on in reflecting the moods of a normal guy who goes through in vain to succeed through his disorder. Between the usual plot, the director has woven a lot of small scenes that are enjoyable: A caring mother (Saranya) who wants to find her son the right girl, a friend (Jegan) who takes humor in Vishal’s sleep and a girlfriend ( Lakshmi Menon) who takes the little extra mile to fulfill her guy’s wishes. All these are pluses to the movie no doubt, and the cast do their justice in their parts. Thiru’s unique attempt in showcasing a untouched topic is laudable, with his direction maturing through every movie. GV’s engaging BGM with a signature theme grips through the tense sequences with some stunning cinematography by Richard.

What’s not:

After an entertaining first half, the second half lacks the punch and power with what was intended. Through the first sequences we look for a solid finish; however the end note leaves you with a feel of an average revenge movie. The second half is placed with unconvincing twists that doesn’t seem to fill the gaps and with a first half that races through entertainment quotient, stops still and deviates from the main plot itself.

The screenplay drags away even though there is enough suspense in the store for a good thriller movie. The songs are too lethargic when it comes to the visuals and they are placed quite drastically. That said, if variety is your cup of tea, this might be your Saturday entertainer.

Verdict: A fair entertainer that loses the steam through the second half