N Balamani Amma

N Balamani Amma (July 19, 1909 – September 29, 2004)

Balamani Amma is a famous Poetess in Malayalam. She is known as the poetess of motherhood. She was born in Trissur to Chitathoor Kovilakathu KunjuRaja and Nalappat Kochu Kutiamma. The famous poet Nalappat Narayana Menon was his maternal uncle. Though she did not received any formal education the guidance and the collection of her uncle inspired her to become a poetess, In 1928 she got married to the managing director and the managing editor of Mathruboomi V.M Nair. He died in 1977. She was the mother of the renowned writer of English and Malayalam Kamala das / Madhavikutti who later changed her name to Suraya. Dr. Mohandas, Dr Shyam Sundar, Dr Sulochana Nalappad are her other children.

Balamani Amma used to write poems in her young age itself and her first poem was published in 1930 “Koopukai” She received the Sahitya Nipuna puraskaram from Parikshith Thampuran the former ruler of Cochin. She was also a recipient of many awards and honors. Her writing style was simple and lucid. It reflects the motherly love as well as innocence of a child. poems She wrote her poems with motherly love and the innocence of a child She died after having suffered from
Alzheimers Disease for 5 years.