Mystic Kolisansputumai Band Spreading

Mystic kolisansputumai band spreading The new initiative, the new track! The new journey! 'Mystic kolisans' novelty band spreading! Tour will take us to a new type of 'Mystic kolisans'. Airtel Super Singer and Airtel Super Singer Contest 2011 title winner caycaran leading mukankalana Kaushik, Narayanan joined the trio formed the musical group The Mystic kolisans. Caycaran founder of this idea. Uru were sub Kaushik, Narayanan Probably not. Mystic Freestyle Music band. Local rooted in the Chennai Global Music parappavullatu kilaiparappi the world. Airtel competition joined with singers Vaishali Madhumita. They took me to the ear of our honey tends to shed new mayaulakat 'Mystic kolisans'. It is a bid to honoring our ears. Began his journey on August 1 with a music concert band Mystic Mystic kolisans kuluputiya kolisans Bond inauguration was held yesterday in Chennai, Mylapore Auditorium. Special guests Vinayakan composer Ramesh, 'icaimalalaikal' founder apasvaram Ramji, was attended by the famous singer Anand FriendFeed. With special guests after the concert began with the band's blessing The show was a new experience for the guest. When the band came out right before the show starts ... What are the functions of the Council first asked Sai Saran The group's activities over the caycaran said, "Indian music world merges with. Global icaivalattai nammurukkuk brings our desire, ambition, dream all its discretion symbolizes our Bond opening vilavileye 2 hour concert are planning. Including 15 songs. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, perukinranaicai palamolikalilum place that has a multidimensional Kannada. this dimension of adrenalin. Dolby Advance Lively doing that, use the. popular tune, but the song is trying to test the new anupavamputiya not change the score. pijiem in which we can add taste to put off our pijiem enjoys listening to western new songs as background music alankarappatutti tarukiromitu certainly will appreciate. "he says. Speaking about the purpose of their band. "Tour around the world. Community thought the albums after the release, including the long-term goal. "We heard the songs of the film in Arabic, rock, jazz, blues music, decorate the offer. Singing beautiful songs varikalaiyo mettaiyo without changing anything we do will be a new experience for visitors to Western cosmetics." He says. Another Kaushik "Our goal is to become the Music Composer. Cantippavaitan these efforts toward it. Icaitavira us do not know anything else." Narayanan says another. A. Ramesh music composer who set their stimulus efforts that they will not forget the trio say in the same tempo. "Just sing the song of the film, many Bunch of different