My marriage will surely be a love marriage- says Bhavana

It sounds that the year 2014 will be an year of marriage for Malayalam cinema. Ann Augustine has been married. Nasriya and Fahad Fasal betrothed. Meera Jasmine has been married. Aju Varghese is going to get married on the 24th of this month. After knowing and seeing all these, how can our Bhavana sit quite? It is heard that Bhavana is also getting ready for marriage. Her boy is also ready it seems. But, she is not ready to disclose who the boy is? She has said one thing that he is from the film field. She said ” My marriage will be a love
marriage because I will not marry a man who has been found by my parents, who is unknown to me. At the same time I have no plans of eloping with my lover. I shall marry with the full support of my parents and relatives.”

When she was asked whether she has decided upon who the boy is, she replies, “No, but, there is some one who knows every thing about me, including my first love failure. The one who strengthens me in my busy schedule. Some one special, more than a friend. He is from the film field. I had much expectations about me first love, but that failed. Hence, I am made up to face any situations. If everything goes well, our marriage will be this year. I have commitments till June and July. I have plans to get married in Guruvayoor. ” My parents said that it
is my life and I should think well and take a decision about my