Mullapperiyar: Water level reaches 135.1 feet

Mulla periyar
Mullapperiyar: Water level reaches 135.1 feet
Cheruthoni:The water level in Mullapperiyar dam rises to 135.1 feet. When it crosses the allowed limit of 136 feet, water will flow to Idukki dam. Yesterday, rain fall at catchment area for the dam was comparatively low and water flow to the dam was also low.
But water inflow to the dam is more that what is diverted to Tamil Nadu.This is the reason for increase in the water level. Meanwhile KSEB says if rain is continuing like this Idukki will be full in one week. In such case , Idukki dam will be opened to flow out water says the officials. Having regard to the situation the shutters of Cheruthoni dam is decided to open
If the heavy rain continues on 11th or 12 the shutters will be opened. In Idukki project the water level was 2393.4 feet yesterday morning 7 ‘o clock. By evening 6’o clock it reached 2394.1 feet. In last two days the water level increased by 2 feet in Idukki. Since Mullapperiar dam has reached to its allowed level , in case of rising water in the dam ,the shutters may be opened at any time and that water will flow into Idukki. Having regard to this situation the officials are getting prepared to open the shutters of Idukki at any time from now. Earlier it was in 1981 October and 1992 October that the dam was opened. Yesterday the rain at catchment area reported 2 cms.