Mohanlal’s Peruchazhi Look Is out

The first look of Mohanlal’s Upcoming Film ‘Peruchazhi’ is out. The film ‘Peruchazhi’ is directed by Arun Vaidyanathan and produced under the banner of Friday Film House. Mohanlal do the title role in the film with the co actor Mukesh. Vijay Babu, Aju Wargheese also playing an important role in the film. The film is completely shot in America. The film is a thriller , which throws light on the Political situation in America, in a satirical manner.

As the name indicates the story is about a rodent like politician who reaches in American politics. Apparently the film is a spoof and speaks of the similarities between the politics of the two largest democracies of the world. The scripting of the film is done by Ajayan Venugopal.
Ragini Nadwani of Vijay starrer ‘Thalaiwa’ Fame is playing the female lead role.