Mohanlal’s epic reply to Rimi Tomy

Singer – cum – actress – cum – achor Rimi Tomy is an entertaining stage perfomer and even she had even made bollywood star Sharukh Khan to lift her. She is known for her energetic and spontaneous behavior on the stage. But recently in an award show , contrary to the usual way she got a fitting reply from the superstar Mohanlal himself for a question she asked during the award function. The venue was Asianet Film Award . super star Mohanlal bagged the 19th Asianet Best Actor Award for his performance in Oppam and Pulimurugan. Inorder to receive the award the actor came on stage . After receiving the award he was about to go. At that moment Rimi called him from behind and asked Mohanlal that whether he is receiving the same love and affection also while working in other languages also? Mohanalal taking in a light spirit , without answering gave her another question whom does she like more Mother or Mother – in – law.