Mohanlal not paid for acting!!!

All the viewers are anxiously waiting for the pongal to come soon as the movie ‘Jilla’ starring Mohanlal and Vijay will be released for pongal. Lal comes in a different get up in the movie. The movie has been in the news since its declaration by Neshan. There were live updates fromthe movie set. The movie is in the stage of post production now. Even now the news about the movie is a hit. latest news is that Mohanlal has not been paid for acting in the movie. Though he hasn’t been paid fro acting, he has been given the distribution right of the movie in keral which will fetch him more than what is expected to get. Ashirvad films of Mohanlal will be the distributors in kerala. Lal will be getting about 3.5 to 4 crores from the movie. The most paid to him for cting. Jilla will be released on january 10th.