Mohanlal – Madhupal film in September

Madhupal will direct Mohanlal in his upcoming film and that is scheduled to start by September in Palakkad. The screen play of film is done by Jaymohan and will have a new heroine.

Mohanlal’s new project is Joshy’s Laila Oh Laila. And according to the reports Mohanlal was to shoot for Sathyan Anthikad’s
Upcoming film. But Ranjan Pramod has not completed the script writing and the film will get delayed for some time. In this Situation, Mohanlal will Act in Madhupal film. The screen play of the film was completed one year ago and this is the first time Mohanlal is acting in Madhupal film

The shoot of the film is actually planned for 40days. Jaymohan has also wrote screenplay for Madhupal’s film Ozhimuri.

After this Mohanlal will act in Anil film ‘Memory card’. Anil is planning to do a film after a long interval. He has directed
Films like Adiverukal, and Douthyam