Mohanlal Likes To Live In a Hut

Actor Mohanlal expressed his desire that he always like to stay in a small house in the village where you can cultivate all the required provisions. If anyone can do this why he cannot do. There is no answer for this question. The actor has expressed his views on the subject in his blog, where he speaks about how farming was an integral part of Kerala culture. His blog starts like this “Years ago When I asked my Son Pranav what he wanted to become in life , he said , I want to be a farmer. It gladdened my heart , for I realized there is unborn farmer inside me” Mohanlal added that his son Pranav’s priority and interest might have got changed now. But inside his heart he always wished his son to be a farmer . He says that the desire to become a farmer is still his wish and the life of a farmer fascinates him . That is why when his son told his wish he felt happy. He added that when you give away the products what you cultivate in your own land to others, gives you happiness, and nothing can be compared to the joy which it brings you.