Mohanlal get thrilled for driving the tanker for real

Mohanlal is such an actor who will try any risk to give perfection to his characters played in the film. He is not the kind of person who takes anything for granted . whether it for his success of the films or about his honourary title. He will do anything to gain perfection for his characters. This he had proved so many times earlier also. Now it has been learned that he will be driving the tanker for real in the upcoming new film titled 1971 : Beyond Borders which is directed by Major Ravi Himself. This is for the first time an actor is driving the real war tanker. Once again the actor will be seen playing an army officer colonel Mahadevan. In this film the actor would be doing double role. As colonel Mahadevan and his father Mjor Sahadevan who had participated in 1971 Indo – Pak War.

The actor is really thrilled for driving the war tanker for the first time. he says “ Our audience has not seen tank fights and that is the USP of the film. But the film has such scenes which will give an entire experience for the viewers.” The speciality of the film is that it has a good story line and fight scenes mixed with emotion and sentiment.