Mohanlal and Major Ravi to team up again, Lal in triple role

The film Keerthichakra, which got released in 2006 in which Mohanlal and Major Ravi teamed up for the first time was a huge success. After that also this team has made so many films but it did not get the success as their initial film.

Now again it is heard that both of them are teaming up and this time they are coming with an army film . and it would be based on the India Pakistan war 1971. Mohanlal would be doing three roles in the film

Major Ravi recently made a film with Prithivraj in the lead named Picket 43. It is heard that this new film would also be a similar one. It is revealed that instead of war the film would deal with the emotional attachment and love between the soldiers from both the sides.

The film will have Mohanlal another Bollywood actor playing the important roles. But they have not revealed about who would that Bollywood actor. Bollywood actor will also be having an important role along with Mohanlal.