Mohan Lal in Sreenath Rajendran’s Koothara

suresh gopi

In ‘Koothara’ being directed by Sreenath Rajendran.Mohan Lal will be the hero. Sreenath’s first film Second Show was a noted one. Sreenath who introduced actors like Dulkhar Salman, Sunny Waine, and Gouthami Nair,presents Asif Ali,Vineeth Sreenivasan,Sunny Waine and Munu in his second movie.Vini Viswalal is the script writer for “Koothara”. Lal will not be doing a full length role in the movie. But he will be doing the role of an important guest who changes the direction of the story. It is for sure that the movie will definitely get attention by the presence of Lal .