Modi Effect in Film Censoring Also

Did the Censoring Style also changed when Narendra Modi Became the Prime Minister?. The report says yes. According to the latest buzz, the censor board is becoming a main concern for the film makers. . Presently Karan Johar upcoming film starring ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ promo is under the censoring.

CBFC has asked the film makers to chop off the Lip Lock Scene of Alia bhatt and Varun Dhawan from the first trailer of this upcoming film. When the board disapproved, the members of the film production team questioned the decision as so many other films are allowed for
Screening without any restriction. But the censor board did not approve. After several arguments the trailer was eventually passed but with only a long shot of the couple kissing as the closeup shots of the lip lock has been deleted.

The newly elected BJP government led by Narendra Modi is keen on developing and promoting the films which is rich in Indian Cultural Value. Mithlesh Kumar Tripathi, National Convener of the BJP Art and Culture was quoted saying that the government will develop movies that are rich in cultural values and have a strong flavor of Indian traditions. So based on this the censor board will be strict in the coming days