Mission 90 Days Dubbing Is Getting Controversial

The majority of the Tamil people supports The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam ( LTTE) is also known as Tamil Tigers . And because of that the new films like Madras Café and few other old films has faced the opposition. But now, the Malayalam film Mission 90 days which got released before six years is under the suspicion of The Tamil People. The film directed by Major Ravi got released in 2007 has Mamooty playing the lead role. The film was a failure in the box office and the film does not have any special to get highlighted. The Only attraction of the film is where the convicts related to the Indira Gandhi Assassination is getting captured.

Now after six years of the release the film Telugu version is being dubbed in the name of Sri Perambudhur and is getting ready for release. The release of the film in Andhra Pradesh will not be a problem. But the release of the film will be a problem in Tamil Nadu. It is common that a film is dubbed or remade. But if a film is dubbed after six years means , then the film will be seen in a different with some motive, it causes warning and arouses suspicion.