Ministerial reshuffle in Kerala in turmoil

Ministerial Discussion did take place – says Chennithala.

Date : June 10, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Ummen chandi And Remesh-Chennithala
Ummen chandi And Remesh-Chennithala

Trivandrum: Ramesh Chennithala said that discussions have taken place regarding his ministerial berth. But he was not ready to reveal the details. He is unable to say if he will become a minister. The topic is under the consideration of the High command. So he has limitations to say something in public.

“I’m not after positions of power. KPCC President’s position is definitely greater than many others. I’m really sorry for the controversy created in this regard. High command will take a proper decision at the right time” said Chennithala. He was speaking at the Press Club on a topic ‘contemporary politics and Kerala development.

“Regarding the controversy I have my own opinion. I will say that at the right time at the right place. I have a place in the minds of the common people. That can not be nullified by anyone. It is not the policy of the Congress to confront the communal organizations. I I haven’t complained to anyone regarding phone taping” he added.


Chief Minister goes to Delhi to solve the crisis.  

Date : June 7, 2013 | Time : 07:21:00 AM

Umman-Chandi-News Kerala
Umman Chandi

Trivandrum: The Chief Minister is going to Delhi to solve the problem regarding the Deputy Chief Minister ship. Chief MIninster Ummen Chandi has asked for an appointment with Sonia Gandhi. He is expecting to see her on Monday.

The Congress is trying to bring  Ramesh Chennithala as the Deputy Chief Mininster into the cabinet. But, for this AICC permission is a must. At present only in Maharastra this post is there. This is held by an alliance partner. In no other state one can find a post like this. So the party considers this as a policy matter. Now the party is trying to get an exemption, considering the peculiar situation in Kerala.

Congress had never expected a claim from the Muslim League for this post. In fact, P K Kunjalikutty had already stated publicly that they don’t raise any claim for this Deputy Chief Minister’s post. This is why Ramesh and Ummen Chandy went ahead seriously with this discussion. But all of a sudden League took an about-turn saying that if such a post is there it should be their’s.

Now it has become the responsibility of Ummen Chandy to settle the matter with the League and get the green signal from the High Comand. Both these tasks must go in parallel. It is for this, that Ummen Chandy is going to Delhi next week. High Command has taken the stand that they shall interfere in the matter once it is settled on the state level with all sections involved.

But the ‘I’ group has suggested that they are happy if Ramesh is given the Home dept: instead of going after the problem of Deputy Chief Minister ship. But ‘A’ group cannot even think of giving away the Home dept:.

Both ‘A’ and ‘I’ groups are eagerly waiting for the High Command’s reaction. Both sides are waiting for the decision to come from Delhi.


High Command to take a final decision on Ramesh’s entry into the Minstry

Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Congress General Secretary Madhusudan Mistry

New Delhi: Final decision on Chennithala’s induction into the ministry will be taken by the High command, says Congress General Secretary Madhusudan Mistry. The leaders have been told not to make any public statements until then. Mistry has collected all the details of the discussion between Ummen Chandi and Ramesh Chennithala.

Mistry is waiting for A K Antoney’s return from his foreign tour to discuss the matter with him. Only after that he will take a decision on the matter.

In the meanwhile Rajya Sabha Vice President P J Kurien met Sonia Gandhi and discussed the situation in Kerala. He requested her to give Home Ministry and Deputy Chief Ministership to Chennithala.