Mia George Celebrates her Birthday on the Film Set

Recently actress Mia had celebrated her 23rd birthday on the film set with actor Govind Padmasurya (G.P). these two stars Mia and govind Padmasurya are the ones who was in the gossip coloums earlier. The birth day celebration took place on the set of their upcoming new film titled 32aam adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam. G.P himself has posted the pictures of the celebration on his official facebook page. Mia did not reveal to anyone on the set about her birthday. The makers gave a surprise to her by inviting her to cut the cake. The director of the film are new comers Gokul Ramakrishnan and Arjun Prabhakaran. What ever it is Mia also wrote on her Facebook page about her surprise birthday treat.