Menon is Just a Name ; Prithivraj Comes with His Clarification for the Caste Controversy

Prithivraj came with clarification to the controversy which got created over the name of his daughter. He has named his daughter Alankritha Menon Prithivraj . He said that the Menon used in his daughters name is just a title and has nothing to do with any caste system.

Online Users criticized Prithivraj for adding caste title Menon for his daughters name. Followed by his post , on his daughters name in his official social networking site. Online users condemned Prithviraj for adding a caste title for his daughter’s name and soon the actor came up with clarifications on Monday itself regarding this as he felt the matter is going serious. The actor said that the title used in his daughter’s name is just a name and has nothing to do with any caste system.

He said that his wife has been addressed as Ms. Menon through her professional career and even today her colleagues address her with that name only. Actually we earlier did name her Alankritha Supriya Prithivraj. But avoided later, because of the three first names.

Then again thought to name Alankritha Prithivraj , but that also avoided because he want her mothers name in the title before his name, So Menon is just a name and has no significance to caste , religion or belief. Clarified Prithivraj.

He also said that he is still against the caste system and will publicly speak against it. He strongly oppose it even today and will do so forever. Fans did not leave this post also. They responded that the naming of the child depends on its parents interests and hence does not require to give any explanation