Meera Jasmine With Riyas Khan

After a series of criticism and controversies, Meera Jasmine is once again active in the cinema. The latest films, ‘Miss Lekha Tharoor Kaanunnathu’, the to be released ‘Onnum Mindathe’ with Jayaram as the hero, ‘Inka Enna Solluthu’ in Tamil with Chimpu as hero, all these show that Meera is going to be busy in Malayalam and Tamil. In between all these, Meera is going to be heroin in a movie in which Riyas Khan will don the hero role. The movie has been named ‘Ithinappuram’. This picture has a specialty which is, Riyas Khan who has been acting in villain role sofar is going to act for the first time in the hero role in this film.

The film ‘Ithinappuram’ which is a female centered picture, is the story of a Nair woman who lived in 1970s. Meera dons a powerful character called Rukmini. Screen play and direction is by Manoj Alunkal. Lalu Alex, Lakshmi Priya and Sidhiq are co-actors.