‘Mathukutty’ and ‘Neelakaasam Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi’ in neck and neck competition

May be, this is the first time in India that a movie by father and another one by the son get released on the same day. Mega star Mammooty and his son Dulquar Salman are the heroes of these movies. Both the movies are slated for release by August first week. The movies are ‘Katal Katannu Oru Mathukutty’ directed by Ranjith and ‘Neelaakaasam Pacha Katal Chuvanna Bhoomi’ directed by Sameer Taheer. In the first one the hero is Mammooty and the second one Dulquar Salman. ‘Katal Katannu Mathukutty’ tells the story of an emigrant who is ignorant of the changes taken place in Kerala during his life abroad. ‘Neelaakasam Pachakatal Chuvanna Bhoomi’ is the story of two close friends travelling from Kozhikode to Nagaland and the events happening on the way. This in essence, is a road movie. To add luster to the festival season of August they hit the theatres on 8th and9th.