Maryan – Review

Maryan - Indiamovies "Maryan" is a simple story of love which makes us realize its power in the most visually extravagant way. In realization of love, there is always struggle, and to overcome it one needs strong will power. This film is superbly crafted. It has three heroes – Dhanush as maryan, ( a man without death) A R Rahmans Outstanding score and Marc Konickxx cinematography. The title is apt for the film, which features Dhanush as Maryan, a fisherman, living in a small fishing hamlet. Maryan is loved and longed by Panimalar (Parvathy), but sadly her feelings are not reciprocated. The more Maryan tries to keep Pani away from him, the closer she tries to get. This eventually leads to Maryan falling for Pani. But Theekkurissi (Vinayakan) a local money lender sets his eye on the beautiful Pani and wants to marry her in return to the huge loan that her father Salimkumar has taken. Panimalar is caught in unfortunate circumstances and to support her financially, Maryan is forced to take up employment on contract basis for two years in Sudan. He successfully completes his tenure and packs bags in jubilation to return to his ladylove, but tragedy strikes in the form of Sudanese terrorists, who end up kidnapping Maryan and two of his co-workers and demand money for their freedom. Will him able to meet Panimalar again or not form the rest of the story. Playing a character suffering is not new for Dhanush, who has played such characters several times on the screen. However, what differentiates "Maryan" from his other films is that Dhanush has an equally strong co-star Parvathy, who at times looks too intelligent in her role, in the film. The first half of the film is a tribute to love. The romance between Dhanush and Parvathy comes alive on screen with a hint of charisma and passion. Even when the film slackens in the second half, it is the characters that hold you spellbound by their interactions. Particularly the two protagonists. Dhanush has once again given committed and riveting performance. His complete submission to the character he played and the physical strain he took in rough terrains makes him a strong contender for another award winning performance. Technically Bharath shah has made a brilliant film. Be it the scenes in the fishing hamlet or in Sudan, where even the driest desert looks stunning, these scenes never fail to dazzle you every instant. Brilliant performances, dazzling photography. The film really worth to watch. Maryan is a roller-coaster ride of exhilarating romance in the first half and heightened drama after interval.