Marco Bellochio @ IFFK 2013

Political atmosphere made me Radical: Marco Bellochio
Famous Italian director Marco Bellochio opened up that he was made into a radical by the political atmosphere while it was never his choice. He was speaking in the press conference held at festival office as part of the 18th IFFK. Adding to this, he said that he always put forth his subjective point of view while dealing with historical facts.
Expressing his like, Bellochio said that he always liked to portray reality in a poetic and deeper way and added that it always the work of audience to judge his films. “For the past seventeen years I have been organizing a weekly workshop for up-coming film makers”, said Bellochio while answering the questions related to his involvement with young film makers. He also expressed optimism regarding their potential.
When questions were asked on his evolution as a film maker across five decades, Bellocchio expressed happiness that the retrospective section of IFFK helped him to understand his growth as a director. He was accompanied by his collaborators, Alexandria and Meries.
Noted film producer Suresh Jindal and casting director Uma De Kunha were also part of the press conference. Both of them expressed deep satisfaction on working in ‘Vara – A Blessing’, saying that the overall work was a remarkable experience. Uma also expressed concern on the amount of inequality persisting in the Indian film market. Prashanth, associate producer of ‘Vara- A Blessing’, narrated the amount of research and groundwork done by the director to make the film happen as real as it is.
Young Argentinean director Ivan Veskovo expressed happiness on the fact that he was able to make ‘Errata’ in the exact way he wanted it to be. Ivan spoke about how close the film is to his heart because of the whole hearted support of his team and also revealed that most of the cast became part of the film without accepting any payment.
“Dreams do come true if we start believing in it; financial part is not a big issue at all”, said Lucia, art director of ‘Errata’. She was accompanying Ivan in the festival and spoke about how Ivan began his career at the age of 13 at the press conference.