Mans company is Always a Big Headache for Women – Neena Kurup

Actress Neena Kurup entry to films happened twenty five years as of now. She has acted in so many films as heroes Sister. In the television serials also she is a known actress. In a recent interview given to prominent women weekly, she told that Friendship in Film Industry has cheated her. She said ‘ I have lot of friends in the film industry, but all of them was not sincere .
When I had a feeling that I am getting cheated, I dropped all that friendships. A Mans Company really gives head ache to a woman. Husbands have lot of demands. He always thinks that wife has been appointed to do things for him. But Nowadays Women also has responsible jobs and they are busy. So Most of the things which she plans does not get completed as required. Without understanding these issues, they always try to harm their wifes’.