Manju was removed not only as there was no apt role for her – Renjith

Manju Warrier’s return was a much celebrated one by the media and it gave much expectations to the viewers that she is coming back through Renjith – Mohanlal movie after 14 years. But then this news was denied and Renjith said that he is not making Manju act in his movie. Later it was heard that Renjith had dropped the Mohanlal movie itself. Renjith had said that it was because Manju didnt have a sufficient role in his movie and so he denied her. Now reports come that Renjith avoided her due to external pressures and it seems that these pressures were organized by Dileep. But all this are being denied by the director and the actual reason he says is thus, He had planned a movie with Mohanlal, Manju as his wife and Prithviraj in a lead role. The story was told to all the 3. But then Vineeth Sreenivasan was also doing a movie with similar plot, so Renjith dropped the project. He planned a movie with Mohanlal and Manju, but then didnt do as characters suiting them was not done. He never writes any story for the characters, he makes the story and decides the character. All the stories that exist about avoiding Manju from his movie are baseless, said Renjith.