Manju Warrior And Dilip Submitted Divorce Petition

Manju Warrior and Dilip jointly submitted the divorce petition, indicates the reports. It is understood that the case is in its final stage and settlement of division of wealth and rearing of children are pending. After the sharing of wealth and official counseling, the court will declare the verdict of divorce. They have submitted the petition in Trichur family court. They have been living separated for the last one year. Dilip and daughter Meenakshi in Alwaye and Manju is with her parents in Trichur. The responsibility of looking after daughter Meenakshi is on Dilip at present. Manju comes to meet Meenakshi at the time permitted by the court. It is heard that Meenakshi has chosen to remain with her father after the divorce. The initial news of divorce was on air in 2003 and since then they were living separated. Dilip has been refusing the news but, Manju always confirmed it.