Manju to make a come-back

Manju warrier retuns with a bang. First appearance with Amitabh Bachan.

Date : June 21, 2013 | Time : 06:35:00 PM 

Manju-Warrier-NewskeralaTrissur: After a long gap of 14 years, the celebrity actress cum dancer Manju Warrier is coming back to the movie world. Her maiden appearance this time will be with the veteran actor Amitabh Bachan. This is for an advt: movie. The shooting is scheduled for the end of this month at Goa.

She is appearing in an advt: film for Kalyan Jewllers. This appearance with the big-B is likely to enhance her stature in the Bollywood too. She told the media that she considers this as a great blessing.


Manju  – Dileep  to separate?

Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 2:58:00 PM

Manju – Dileep to separate

Reports taking rounds in the media suggest that Manju and Dileep have jointly decided to separate. It’s further indicated that their families had discussed the matter a couple of weeks back. It all started with Dileep’s denial of Mnju’s plans to pursue dancing vigorously. A conciliatory move made by their friend also didn’t bear fruit.

Their daughter Meenakshi will have all the rights to decide, to whom to stay with.  It’s also heard that she likes to be with her father.

Last month when Dileep visited Australia, Meenakshi alone accompanied him  and Manju stayed back. She went to her parents’ home in Trissur.

During the inauguration of the new restaurant of Dileep in Edappally, only Meenakshi was present and Manju didn’t  turn up.

Manju has reportedly stated in an interview that it was when she was at the peak of her acting career that she left the field and got wedded. She is actually regretting that now.

The entire matter could be settled without much fuss if Dileep allows her to continue with her dancing career. She is reported to have told Dileep that she doesn’t intend to go back to movies now.


Manju with her own website

Date : June 8, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Manju Warier
Manju with her own website

Kochi: Manju enters  the cyber world with her own website. Very soon official face book page also set up. On the third stage, she is going to appear as a blog writer too. Her entry into the cyber world is marked with the denial of the news about her come back to the movie dome through Geethu Mohandas’s movie. is her web address. This will announce her multi faceted talents in detail. Her brilliant dancing carrier along with her acting talents will also be included. Video clips of her hit movies and dance shows also will be part of the site. Through face book visitors could interact with her. In another ten days all these features will be ready in the website. In her unofficial face book she already has over three lakhs fans.

Even after leaving the film world years back, she still remains fully present in the news. And there were some bad rumours about her marital life. That even went to the extent of saying that Manju and Dileep are separated and she has started living with her parents in Trissur. But she has stated emphatically in her website that they are still living in their own house at Alwaye with their daughter Meenakshi.

The same International Agency C A Media which organizes and runs the websites of Amitabh Bachan and Salman Khan is taking care of Mnju’s website too.


Geethu never planned a movie with Manju.

Date : June 8, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Geethu never planned a movie with Manju.

The news that Manju is acting in Geethu’s picture is totally baseless, says Geethu Mohandas. Geethu was reacting to the news taking rounds in the internet.

“I have never even thought of directing a movie in Malayalam. Manju is a close friend of mine. That’s all. Whatever takes rounds in the internet is nothing but hearsay” said Geethu.

“I am at the moment busy with the post production work of a Hindi movie. Over and above this I have to look after my baby too” said Geethu.
Manju to make a come-back

Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Manju is planning to come back to the movies after a long gap of 14 years. If the reports are correct she will be coming back through a picture directed by Geethu Mohandas.

There were a lot of rumours before about Manju’s return. But all of them were denied by Manju and Dileep. But this time there is no denial and Geethu has made all arrangements

to make her come-back a reality. Geethu’s old movie ‘Kelkunnundo’ had won lot of applause and recognition. So let us wait eagerly for this new movie by Geethu to hit the theatres.