Maniratnam’s Dulqur Starrer film Shifts to Mumbai

The upcoming new film of Maniratnam starring Dulqur Salman will now shifts its shoot to Mumbai. The shoot will be commenced in Mumbai on 23rd November. The first Phase of the shoot happened in Chennai.

Nitya Menon will also play the female protagonist in the maniratnam fil starring Dulqur Salman in the lead. Dulqur and Nitya has completed the first phase of shooting of the other film 100 days of love in which they are playing the leads.

Now Dulqur is in Dubai with his family. Will come back on 21st and will join the set Manirathnam film on 23rd.

Famous cinematographer P C Sreeram is again returning to Maniratnam camp with thisfilm. The music of the film is done by A R Rahman. The shoot of the film will be completed by December end.