Mammootty and Mohanlal Are the Best in the Industry: Vinayan

Director Vinayan Says that there is lot of difference of opinions with the stars as well as film organizations, but it is all purely professional level and he does not have any problem in speaking out his issues. The two stars Mammootty and Mohanlal are still the best ones in the film industry. Vinayan now comes forward with a clarification, about the recent comments which was circulating in the social media that he criticizes Mammootty and Mohanlal.

Recently there were some comments that were circulating in the social media which was reportedly made by Vinayan criticizing superstars such as Mammootty and Mohanalal. It has been reported that he commented that Mammootty is not a super star and he can’t come near to Mohanlal and vice versa. For each controversies he used to come with fitting reply on his social websites. He says that he will never make comments comparing the two heroes. According to him the fans of the stars need not fight over certain comments that he hasn’t made.

He said that the comments spread on the networking sites are fake and some people have created the story for their own vested interests. He launched a scathing attack , on the fake comments publishing malicious content about him.

According to him he will never make comments comparing the two heroes. In fact every actor has their own special abilities and talents. Even the small actor like Indrans has abilities that cannot be compared with any one. The persons who spread like this lies has to think that these spread these types of lies is not suitable for a good individual. It only suits the sikandis.

He said that even though he has difference of opinion against Mammootty and Mohanlal on many issues, he would not stoop so low to make personal comments about them. He says that he respects them a lot as individuals and actors and if he has anything to say he will say it openly and does not have fear of anything.