Mallika Sherawat Plays Dirty Politics With Gehana Vasisth

Mallika Sherawat plays Dirty Politics with Gehana Vasisth South star Gehana Vasisth is livid. The makers of Dirty Politics have copied and replicated her style, pose, demeanor, costumes and even her voice. According to Bollywood Gehana called up a senior person in the Dirty Politics team and vent out her fury. "This is too much. They have not only copied her style, but her costumes, her speech, dialogue delivery and even her flag issue also," she was heard saying. South superstar in the making Gehana Vasisth who has done almost 8 films in the south in the last one year hit out at the promoters and producers of Dirty Politics which features Mallika Sherawat, claiming that they have copied the look of her now infamous flag story. According to a report in, the team of the movie Dirty Politics had first approached Gehana Vasisth for the movie, but as she was very busy with her films in the south, she could not take up the project. She had already committed her dates to her producers in the south and though the offer from the Dirty Politics team was very tempting and interesting, she was compelled to refuse it and Mallika Sherawat was taken on instead.