Malligadu Marriage Bureau

Malligadu Marriage Bureau is a fun movie with a lot of moments to entertain the viewers. The centre character is Malligadu (Srikanth) is the man people come looking for. His marriage bureau specializes in finding partners for people who otherwise find it impossible to find a match. Later on Malligadu himself meets his match but it is not easy for him to handle the situation.

Malligadu will never say no. So, long as the money keeps coming in, he never refuses his services to any customer.He had to oblige the parents of Madhu (Manochitra) who is adamant about not getting married. What’s even worse for Malligadu is that she is an insurance agent and uses every trick in the world to get anyone she comes across to take a policy. Malligadu’s policy is not to take any policy. Madhu’s policy is not to get married.

There are many problems for Malligadu. An aged bachelor Chotu (Brahmanandam), a chota don is after him to get him married only because an ACP Nayak (Posani Krishnamurali) will kill any goon who is not happily married and settled. That is the only choice he gives to escape his bullets. Malligadu also has to constantly find a bridegroom for Akka (Telangana Shakuntala) who had vowed not to marry but having broken her vow, repeatedly gets married. Malligadu finds everyone partners for the good amount of money he takes. He saves Bobby (Vennela Kishore) and tries to get the girl he loves, Surekha (Anjana), to respond to him.

The film progresses along for a long time and it is mainly thanks to Brahmanandam, whose gestures, wit and acting, keeps the audience engaged. There’s a reason why Malligadu acts so commercial demanding loads of money for the services that he offers. That secret is eventually revealed only to Madhu. The characterization of Madhu suffers badly on account of the U-turn she takes on her decision about marriage. Ditto with `Akka’ and for that matter even with Anjana because for a flimsy reason they have a change of heart about what they were fully convinced about. Doesn’t matter. It is a movie after all.

The movie is worth watching and is a good entertainer.. Srikanth slips.

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