Malayali House Over? Rosin Jolly is Out?

Malayalee House
Malayali House Over? Rossylin is Out?

“Malayali House” which had so many criticisms and initiated many controversies is Over? Is Rosin Jolly out? Is the first prize winner is Neena Kurup? there are so many reports coming out. Not only in Kerala but even among the non residents there were no other reality show that was discussed like Malayali House.That media attention is there for Malayali House.Also there is no other reality show which had this much criticism from social media.What ever , the latest reports indicated that the show has been closed.

Though the authorities said there is three more days to go to end the show but in reality it is already closed.The best example is Rosin’s face book update.She says thanks to every one who supported her and she came out of Malayali House.That too she wrote on 25th of this month.If so how she came out of the house without it getting completed.?

Roslyin Jolly-Newskerala

Malayali House is really cheating the malayalees.Actually they are showing the episodes which have been recorded earlier. Un confirmed reports says Neena Kurup is the winner of Malayali House and Rahul Ishwar is in second place. What is actually happening in
Malayali House? Malayali House is a real Mystery