Makilar Mattum is coming

Excitement get increased with Jyothika’s upcoming new tamil film titlted Makilar Mattum. The teaser of Joy’s film Makilar Mattum is finally out. The teaser promises a powerful women empowerment story for the audience.
She had made a solid comeback to films after her marriage with film 36 Vayathinile, a remake of Malayalam film ‘How are you?’ which got released in 2015. Now the actress has decided to become active in the tamil cinema.

Jyothika was away from film world after her marriage with superstar Surya. It is in 2015 that she came back to films with the film 36 Vayathinile , the remake of Malaylam film How Old are You? In which the actress Manju Warrier made a grand comeback and payed the way for the success of her second innings in cinema. Like wise Tamil Actress Jyothika also made a strong come back to film after a gap with 36 vayathinile

Like the Malayalam film got back its favorite actess Manju warrier, like wise the tamil film industry also got back its favourite Jo with the tamil remake. 36 vayathinile.