Major Ravi Says that Muslims Are Actual Patriots

Former Military officer and film director Major Ravi Said the reports getting spread about him on portraying Indian Muslims in a wrong way is entirely false and the news has been twisted and manipulated by the media. He says that he himself was a military man and who had really fought bravely for the country. Not only in real life, later in films also he has always tried to share the patriotism into the people.

‘ My film Kurukshetra portrays Muslims as real patriots. I will never speak against any religion or will never underestimate. Few medias are manipulating my speech and trying to make sensation news out of it. My words are distorted to make me branded anti Muslim.

This news has really pained me. One of the online media is trying to put me in bad light deliberately. I have proof against this. will take action against the media who is spreading this wrong message. Director said